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Period restoration and conservation

Shire Homes’ great attention to detail comes to the forefront in its historic building restoration and house renovation.

It has been our privilege and pleasure to work on some exceptional properties, built at a time when craftsmen took their trades to extraordinary levels. Our Cumbria building restoration services remain faithful to their outstanding skills.

The heritage restoration team is acclaimed for its inspiration and ability in combining ancient techniques with modern requirements.

Whether we are working on a medieval hall or old mill, rebuilding a wall or repairing a chimney, Shire Homes has the knowledge and aptitude to get it right.

We go back to traditional natural lime mortar, which has been used in construction for centuries, for our historic building renovation.

Leaded window repairs and replacement, along with sandstone mullions, are jobs in which we excel.

Let our experience in listed buildings, halls, stately homes, churches and monuments speak for itself. We stop at nothing to bring these magnificent old structures back to life.

Undertaking all commissions from major Grade I listed building repairs to church and farmhouse restoration, we do it all.

We are the firm that truly loves history and heritage and can be trusted with every single special stone and structure. Their future is safe in our hands.

“My great love for old buildings stems from their character. They are like a living, breathing entity and, frankly, we’re addicted to them!” said Shire Homes director and master builder, Mike Parsley.

“We wake up in the morning thinking about these wonderful jobs. We’ll have dreamed about what we’re doing and it’s constantly on our minds from start to finish.”

Wherever we work and whatever we do, attention to detail is paramount. We work closely with our customers, listening, advising and following instructions every step of the way to deliver the highest quality.

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Client Feedback

“I have no hesitation is saying we are pleased with the completed task. Your staff have shown interest and enthusiasm for the work, which is so essential if good workmanship is to be achieved with a very old building.”

Alan Thompson, Levens, Kendal

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  • Lime Mortar pointing

    Natural lime mortar has been used in brick and stone construction for centuries. It is a traditional material that is aesthetically pleasing. It is suitable for repair & renovation work on historic listed buildings. It is more flexible than modern cement and is less prone to cracking. It is softer than modern cement. It lets walls breathe by absorbing and evaporating moisture from masonry. This helps protect surrounding stone & brick from salt and frost damage.

  • Repairs and replacement leaded windows and frames

    Shire Homes Ltd specialise in repairs and restoration of windows. This work varies with each project. It might simply be a few broken panes that need replacing, a bowed window that needs flattening, or a complete re-build. We always strive to find glass that matches any broken pieces. Whatever restoration work we undertake, you can be assured that your window will be looking as good as when it was new and will last for many years to come after we have restored it.

  • Repairs and replacement cast window and window/door furniture.

    Shire Homes Ltd works closely with specialised engineers to carry out repairs to old cast windows. We also undertake repairs to windows and door furniture made from bronze and steel. If a window or door is beyond repair we can copy it and make a replacement.

  • Repairs to sand stone window mullions and other sand stone

    Sand stone mullions around windows often start to crack and brake up. This is caused by the window casement pins rusting and splitting the sand stone. It can also be that they are very old and weather has taken its toll on the sand stone. Shire Homes Ltd can carry out repairs to the sand stone or replace the mullions making them look as they should.

  • Repairs or replacement cast iron guttering

    Shire homes Ltd can repair cast iron gutters which are not working as they should. When cast guttering is damaged or worn it can allow leaking water to damage walls. Not all damaged or worn guttering needs replacing. It may be possible to remove, repair and re-fit the gutters. However if repairs cannot be carried out Shire Homes Ltd can fit replacement guttering that matches the original.

  • Major stone work repairs

    Shire Homes Ltd carries out major stone work repairs on old buildings. It is common for old external walls to move, concave out, crack etc. This can be catastrophic to the building and dangerous to residents and public.

  • Chimney repairs

    Shire Homes Ltd undertakes repairs to chimney stacks. This includes replacing pots and rebuilding stacks that have begun to crumble or lean over time. Were a chimney leaks smoke into the property we can fit a liner from the fire place to the roof.

  • Timber work Repairs

    Shire Homes Ltd carries out repairs to all kinds of timber including oak panelling, doors, windows, skirtings and mouldings, stair cases, beams and roofing etc. If timber cannot be repaired we can manufacture alternatives that will maintain the original look of your property. Shire Homes Ltd also offers a repair service to sliding sash and casement windows in listed and period buildings using Window Care Systems that allow the original character of the windows to be maintained.

  • Lead work and roofing

    Shire Homes Ltd performs specialised lead work on all types of old properties. We undertake basic, specialist and detailed lead work including work on stately homes, churches, halls and buildings of a historic nature. We also carry out other types of roofing maintenance such as re-slating and repairs to sand stone ridges and verges.

  • Shire Reclamation

    we stock and source a large selection of reclaimed building products and architectural antiques. Our aim is to offer a service from start to finish, we can sell or source pretty much any reclaimed building products from sand stone flags, slate, oak beams and much more. We can also carry out a full fitting service by our highly skilled work force if needed. We have many years experience in the joinery and building business, working on many existing projects from period restoration work on grade 1 & 2 listed buildings, bespoke fire places, oak paneling, oak flooring & landscaping.