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Barn conversions

Barn conversion builders that care

Shire Homes are the barn conversion specialists with widespread experience and skills.

Your most ambitious project?

We converted six barns in a two-year period, leading to glowing testimonials from the clients.

Your strengths?

We are very sensitive to the needs of clients, the building and environment, especially in national parks.

Your relationship with local authorities for planning and building control approval?

We work closely with relevant authorities, but will challenge them in cases where we think what is being asked of is unreasonable.

As well as liaising with planners and architects, we have an independent planning adviser to help clients struggling with planning permission, so we can start at the very beginning.

Once plans are passed we work with the architect from start to finish.

“Our team loves barn conversions. You start with four blank walls and by the end there’s a beautiful new home,” said Mike Parsley, Shire Homes’ director and master builder.

“Six months into a project, the clients walk round, and sometimes tears are shed – theirs and ours because they love what we’re doing and our passion has been recognised.”

Wherever we work and whatever we do, attention to detail is paramount. We work closely with our customers, listening, advising and following instructions every step of the way to deliver the highest quality.

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Client Feedback

This is just a letter to thank you for doing such a good job on our house. The quality of the workmanship, especially the stonework and the metal windows, is excellent, and because of that I think, will last much longer.

Suzie & David, Morland Guesthouse

Quality is our hallmark, superb results our speciality. We are proud of a long-standing reputation which goes before us.

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